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As a court reporter owned company, Kentuckiana Reporters, LLC cares about each and every client experience. We have standardized many of our reporting services based on customer demand but can provide you with virtually any court reporting service available today.
Best of the Best
Our court reporters are regarded as the best in the business. Our court reporters use state-of-the-art technology and our court reporting services are unequaled. Other firms within our industry cannot compete with our standards and technology.
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Keyword Searching
You now have the power to perform a keyword search in the transcript and view the corresponding video instantly.
Quality Transcripts
Are you still arriving at depositions with just legal pads, sticky notes and a handful of highlighters? We can help you go paperless with our fully integrated electronic deposition transcripts.
Learn more here: RealLegal E-Transcript
Totally Multimedia Transcript
Our multimedia transcripts include all of the following: Full Transcript with Word Index, Condensed Transcript with Word Index Disk including ASCII File and E-Transcript® CD-ROM with Digital Exhibits – Fully Searchable Hyperlinked to Transcript, ASCII, and E-Transcript® Exhibit Linking Multimedia Transcripts
Instant Transcript Translation
Your laptop or tablet receives the text output from the court reporter’s stenographic machine while testimony is being given. You will be able to see the witness’ testimony in writing the same way you view closed captioning on television. We can also provide onsite draft versions (uncertified copies) or ASCII disks without costly expedite fees. Real-Time Court Reporting
Over 30 years of experience
Our transcription staff is able to produce quality written transcripts from your dictation, interviews, phone calls or any other source of audio recording. Depending on the length of your recording, we can generally have a transcript to you in as little as 24 hours. Tape Transcription
Simplify Evidence Review
Writing deposition summaries and preparing for trial will be faster and easier when you can view all exhibits simply by clicking on its name in the transcript. Exhibit Linking
Save Time & Money
We can image all of your depositions and exhibits so that you can access them on CD, tablet or on your server in a matter of seconds! Document Imaging