Ryan Adkins

Ryan Adkins is the Production Manager for Kentuckiana Court Reporters
Ryan Adkins

Ryan Adkins is a graduate of Transylvania University and has worked in the court reporting industry for five years. He now serves as our Production Manager, supervising the production department to provide the timely delivery of transcripts and video to our clients. He is also a videographer and trial presentation specialist. You can tell he is important by the fact that he has three computers and two TVs in his office.

Ryan has a broad range of experience as a legal videographer. He has been the videographer of record at depositions, EUOs, vehicle inspections, accident scene inspections, equipment inspections, Independent Medical Examinations, and death-bed interviews. Ryan always ensures that your deposition videos are of the highest quality and ready for use at trial. All of the depositions and videos produced by our production department can be delivered in any format you request. Whether you need a DVD, a VHS tape, .mpg, or any other file type, we can deliver. We also ensure that all videos are clearly labeled as “Not Edited for Trial” when they are initially delivered. You can then send them back to Ryan for complimentary editing of objections prior to your trial.

Ryan has never been on the losing side when working as a trial presentation specialist, assisting his clients to a perfect record. He is familiar with Trial Director, Visionary, Summation and Sanction trial presentation software. He has also trained numerous paralegals and support staff on Trial Director.

Ryan communicates with our Louisville court reporters and Kentucky court reporters on a daily basis. Consistent and open communication allows him to coordinate production schedules so that every transcript is delivered when you need it and never later than seven business days from when your deposition took place.

In his limited time away from the office, he enjoys spending his time gardening, cooking, home renovation, and playing the guitar.